• Journey through time with a self guided tour using GPS technology.
  • Explore 23 points of interest throughout Discovery Park.
  • Experience the best kept secrets of Fort Lawton.

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Welcome to Discovery Park!
Discovery Park is the city of Seattle’s largest natural park and a former military base on the northern tip of the Magnolia Bluff. With 534-acres of quiet tranquil areas, forest groves, open meadow lands, active sand dunes, dramatic sea cliffs, protected tidal beaches, and the historic district of Ft. Lawton - it’s a unique setting.
This interactive app was designed for visitors to learn more about the local history and intent of the park’s natural and built assets. With so many hidden treasures, the app highlights 23 points of interest that will hopefully be a useful tool in navigating the park and remind us all of ‘what was’ while enjoying ‘what is’.
Visitors to the park can filter the categories for the GPS points of interest by clicking the "Options" button on the left and take a self-guided tour. This app. is meant to share – it’s a public gift from RISE Properties Trust, the real estate investment firm that responsibly restored the historic military homes back to their former stately manner. Come visit Discovery Park and let this app guide you through one of the city’s historic northwest treasures.
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